All the information contained on this website is from Jean's personal correspondence with his patrons & family,
 collated by Noel and Rachael Orval.
Alf and Johanna Kuilboer ...
 Mr Alf Kuilboer and wife Johanna migrated from war-torn Holland with
four children and settled in at the Bonegilla Migrant Camp near Wodonga
in 1953.

 Mr and Mrs Kuilboer became naturalised Australians in 1958 at the Hamilton
Town Hall and over the years their family expanded with the addition of
another six children.

 After a number of years, Mr Kuilboer obtained employment at the Hamilton
Spectator (a compositor by trade), when David Cuttler was called up for
National Service. Interesting to note that David Cuttler has just retired in
November 2013 after working at the Spectator for over 65 years. Mr Kuilboer
started his own publishing business Rehander Atlas Printing Press in 1960 in
Brown Street, Hamilton, later a printing firm in Warrnambool.

 In 1968 when Jean sought to expand his cultural profession by returning to the
Continent, Mr and Mrs Kuilboer offered their encouragement and financial assistance.

 Like many migrants, they added to Australia's cultural richness who adopted, then accepted the new world, sharing the many old customs including helping not only their fellow countrymen, but enthusiastically embracing the Australian way of life. Whilst in Hamilton, the Kuilboers represented and maintained the youth of the 3rd Hamilton Scout and Cub Group as leaders in the community.

 In 1976, Mr and Mrs Kuilboer retired initially to Tarrington, then Digby and Macarthur. Finally they now reside at the Eventide Lutheran Home in Hamilton.

 Mr and Mrs Kuilboer were both born in 1923 and at last count, through their children, have nearly 100 descendants.

 Mr Kuilboer was a self made man who, along with his wife Johanna, have endeared themselves to many families through their lifetime. Their post war contribution to Hamilton is another story that is befitting of many migrants who had cultural benefits to offer their prospective new home lands.

 On August 5, 2012, this great partnership was broken when Alf passed away at The Birches at the age of 88. His funeral announcement read: Dearly beloved husband of Johanna; loved and loving father of Liduina, Micheal and Janet, Con and Theresa, Pim and Rhonda, Gus and Glenyce, Frank and Sonia, George and Jenny, Alf and Nola, Maryann and Brett, Paul and Tara and their families. Now in God's care.

 Johanna reunited with Alf on March 25, 2016 when she passed away at The Grange at the age of 93. Her funeral announcement read: Dearly beloved wife of Alfons (dec). Loved and loving mother and mother-in-law of of Liduina, Michael and Janet, Con and Theresa, Pim and Rhonda; Gus and Glenyce; Frank and Sonia;George and Jenny; Alf and Nola, Maryann and Brett; Paul and Tara and their families.
Now in God’s Care
Forever in our Hearts