All the information contained on this website is from Jean's personal correspondence with his patrons & family,
 collated by Noel and Rachael Orval.
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"The Good Shepherd"
St Andrew's Uniting Church,
Donald, Victoria - 1965
 Jean was commissioned in 1965
for a window commemorating
"The Good Shepherd".

The dedication was to Thomas Oliver
Guthrie 1867-1962 and Isabella
Catherine Guthrie 1868-1936, by their
loving family.

 Thomas Guthrie was a grazier of
Scottish descent and  he married Jessie
Blackwood and lived at the renowned
property Rich Avon, just outside of Donald.
Thomas' father purchased the freehold of
23,000 acres of the original 40,000 available.
His other properties were Rich Avon West, Avon Plains, Brim and Davis Plains in the Wimmera and various holdings in the south east of South Australia.

 Thomas was the father of Sir Rutherford Campbell Guthrie (known as Ford), who was educated at Melbourne Grammar and Cambridge University. He had a distinguished career in both World Wars and was a major contributor to the Ballarat Agricultural Society, Corriedale Breeders' Association, RSL, Melbourne Club etc. He was a shire councillor for Ripon from 1946-1974 and President on numerous occasions.
"St James The Greater"
Christ The King Anglican Church,
Maryborough, Victoria - 1974
 Jean was requested by the
Reverend Canon John Leaver
of Christ The King Anglican
Church on September 3, 1970
to give quotes and sketches
for a small memorial window of
a crown. The inscription for this
window was in memoriam to
Thomas and Mary Brooker and
Thomas and Hanna Mortlock.

 By October 13, Canon Leaver sent
word that the Vestry had approved Jean’s design and that they would be most pleased if the window could be installed ready for a dedication service on Tuesday, November 17. Jean was unable to come to install the window so Peter O’Flaherty completed the job for Jean.

 Canon Leaver wrote Jean on November 16 to say “that the window was in place and looks very fine indeed. Thank you for your fine work and the beauty it has brought to our church.”

 Another window was sought by a Mr Bruce Buick of “Woorookoobanya” in memoriam to his wife, Mary Leonora Buick.

 Mr Buick had discussed with Arch Deacon Beatty the possibility of a window of “St James the Greater” and requested Jean submit some sketches for his perusal. Mr Buick visited Jean at his studio in Hamilton on October 9, 1974 to look at some designs and to see Jean at work with cutting, painting and assembling a window. Quite taken with what he saw, Mr Buick made a first payment for the window the next week.

 By November 10, Jean wrote Mr Buick that the glass was cut for his window and everything was going well, his window should be completed by the end of November.

 Progress was good and Jean informed Mr Buick to say that it was installed on December 14. “I wish you many more years to enjoy the window erected in memory of your beloved wife. Many thanks for the commission and trust in my ability. It has been a pleasure to work for you.”

 A thank you note to Jean read “Everyone who has seen the window agree that you have made a wonderful job of it and all connected with the church seem very pleased with the result. Needless to say my family and myself greatly appreciate the work you have done and the interest you have shown, you must feel well satisfied yourself.”

Christ The King Anglican Church,
Maryborough, Victoria - 1970
National Trust

 The Reverend Clive Beatty of
St Augustine’s Anglican Church, 
requested particulars concerning
some stained glass windows on
February 10, 1966 for a parishioner
to depict either St Mark or St Matthew.

 Jean wrote that he would like to come
and visit the church on March 5 to talk
with Reverend Beatty and to make sure
that he had an idea of what the other windows in the church were like. He said, “I am grateful that I can assist with my work in bringing the Christians the message of their church.”

 Jean had to compose many sketches in the interim “as so many enquiries came in lately.” So on April 12 he sent off some designs for approval.

 Many months passed before Reverend Beatty wrote on September 20 that he was sorry to keep Jean waiting “but at the moment we are awaiting the imminent clarification and wind-up of an estate from which one of the windows it to be paid for.” On September 22 Jean replied “I had only once an experience with a window which had to be paid from an estate and that took a long time … let us hope this time it takes less time.”

 It wasn’t until March 9, 1967 that the estate was finalised and Jean was requested to alter his designs on a couple of points. Jean also had to begrudgingly alter his quote also as prices had increased significantly since he first quoted for the job.

 Jean was also requested to construct a small window of “The Holy Ghost” and with all the formalities and approvals in order, Jean was given written authorisation to commence construction on June 1, 1967.

 St Matthew was chosen for the large window with the dedication to James Allen Fotheringham, died September 30, 1962, given by his devoted wife Muriel and daughter Gwen.

 Jean informed Reverend Beatty on July 23 that The Holy Ghost window was completed and St Matthew would be completed in about a week. John Jnr installed the windows on Saturday, August 19 as limited finances forced Jean to complete another window.

 On September 14, Reverend Beatty wrote Jean to express “what fine work you did on the windows, everyone seems pleased with them, and it is planned to dedicate them on October 1. I must also add how greatly impressed I was with the efficient manner John and his helpers installed the windows, and under such wet and difficult conditions. They were a real credit to you.”

 Mrs Muriel Fotheringham wrote a beautiful thank you note to Jean. “My daughter and I were both delighted with your workmanship and now there have been so many friends who have come to see it and have expressed their pleasure in viewing it – so bright, so modern and so pleasing to behold. I feel too that my husband would have felt its beauty very kindly. Like all men of the land, he lived very close to God and he could truly be written down as one who loved his fellow man.”

"The Holy Ghost"
St Augustine's Anglican Church,
Inglewood, Victoria - 1967
"St Matthew"
St Augustine's Anglican Church,
Inglewood, Victoria - 1967