All the information contained on this website is from Jean's personal correspondence with his patrons & family,
 collated by Noel and Rachael Orval.
St Arnaud
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Stockyard Hill
National Trust

 This church is the oldest
surviving United
Presbyterian Church
in Victoria, dating from
1849-1850 and designed
in an early English Gothic style.

 Jean received 2 commissions for the church. The first was in
1962 for "Be of Good Cheer - I Have Overcome the World".
This memorial was for Alfred Ernest & Katherine Hilda Taylor
which was donated to the church by their daughters
Mrs C. Burch and Mrs Morrell.

 This beautiful window was put on display at the Hamilton
Art Gallery before its installation in the church.  Rev J. V.
Mills unveiled the window and Reverend W. R. Matters
conducted the dedication in front of over 350 parishioners.

 The second window is "St Peter" commissioned in 1965.
This was a memorial to Reverend J. V. and Mrs Mills.

 Reverend W. R. Matters conducted the dedication service.
Jean, wife Phine and son Louis attended the dedication then
followed a happy fellowship luncheon at the home of Mr and
Mrs John Burch on Dutton Way.
 Jean was commissioned in
1962 to create a stained glass of
a painting in the Fairbairn family,
entitled "Banongill".

 The dedication was in  memory
of Charles Osborne Fairbairn O.B.E.
A.F.C who faithfully served his
church and country until he died
on 29th August, 1959.

 Charles Osborne was a member of
the Royal Air Force and met his wife
Irene Florence when she volunteered
as an aide at the Hospital for Wounded
Officers in Park Lane, London. They were married at the Parish Church in
Sutton, Surrey in February 1922 then returned to Australia to "Banongill".

 Charles' father had purchased "Banongill" in 1897 and later
"Wooloomanata" near Lara in 1918. Charles had four brothers and sisters
being Ester, James, Bettine and George. James (known as Jim) was a
pastoralist (owned Mt Elephant Station), aviator and politician. He
joined the first Menzies Government as the Minister for Civil Aviation
in 1939. On August 13, 1940, he was killed with the pilot and two other
Cabinet Ministers - Geoffrey Street, Sir Henry Gullett and the Military
General Sir Cyril Brudenell-White when the RAAF bomber in which he
was travelling, crashed on approach to Canberra Airport.

 Charles Osborne's sister Bettine, married  Ross Grey-Smith, who became Chairman of the Victoria Racing Club in 1962, succeeding Sir Chester Manifold. In 1966 he was knighted.
Classified: National Trust

 Brick church designed by Wharton & Vickers, began
construction in 1876.

 One of the first of six windows to be installed at the Uniting
Church was in 1962 and it depicted "Faith".

 It was dedicated by Mr and Mrs Dunstan to their parents Susan
1877-1943 and John Campbell Dunstan 1873-1946.

 The second window was of "The Good Shepherd", donated by Mr and Mrs Jackson in loving memory of their parents Thomas Jackson 1868-1961 and his wife Julia 1871-1954.

 In 1967, Jean was approached by the Reverend A. T. P. North for a commission to commemorate Mr Harold Dimelow, by his wife. Jean sent two drawings and was pleased that his design "Light of the World" was chosen, as he thought it would make a better window. "I prefer if my patrons make suggestions because my work should be their work too, and that way it will please them, as well as me."

 Once approval was given from "our higher church court" on September 19, 1967, Jean was able to start cutting glass and the window was completed November 10, 1967. The window was installed on November 22 with the dedication service soon after.

 The next window to go into the church was of the "Burning Bush", the symbol of the Presbyterian Church.  A very small bequest was left to the church so it was thought a window above the entry would be most suitable.

 Jean sent in sketches and the approval was received from Reverend North to commence preparation of the window on May 15, 1968, as "our session has expressed sincere approval of your design incorporating the Burning Bush. The design should look particularly well in the setting and we look forward to the completion of your part of the work." Jean installed the window in July of 1968.

 The next commission for the church was in August 1968 for a memorial to Albert John Fithall 1898-1967 by his wife Mimie Fithall. The subject chosen was "The Good Samaritan" and the family members were most taken with the figure sitting amongst a royal blue background which really gives a 3 dimensional feel, also keeping in check with the other windows that Jean had prepared for the church.

 By November 6, 1968, Mrs Fithall stated that "I know very little about the work, but am sure as you have installed the other windows there, mine will also be an excellent job." Jean wrote Reverend North that the window is practically finished. "We are just doing the air vent which is only a matter of a few days." With the window ready, Jean travelled to St Arnaud to install the window on January 4, 1969, and the dedication service took place on January 12, 1969.

 The last window to be installed was a memorial to the late George John Appleby, 1906-1969 by his wife Mrs Ada Appleby of "Christ is the Head of this House."  This depiction came about because when Mr and Mrs Appleby were first married "there was a text left in the home by the previous owners, then in March this year (1969) we bought a house in Portland and the same text was in the kitchen there too." The text was "Christ is the Head of this House, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation."

 Mrs Appleby requested that the window be ready for installation when Reverend North returned from a sojourn in Canada in 12 months time, so Jean had much time up his sleeve in order to finish the project.

 The window was completed and it was dedicated in a ceremony on Sunday, October 14, 1970. Mrs Appleby said "Reverend North excelled himself with the dedication of our window. He could see the design and the meaning of it all from your point of view too, so he has given us something to remember the rest of our lives. Lots of people have told us they think it is a beautiful window and it takes its place along with the others of yours in our church. Thank you sincerely."
National Trust

 Bluestone church built
in 1871-1872 and designed
in the Gothic Revival style
by architects Davidson and
Henderson of Geelong.

 Jean was commissioned in
June 1966 for 2 windows at
St Andrew's, simply depicting
flowers of which the
memorialised were so fond of.

 Lady Joyce Pilditch sent Jean many photographs of flowers,
went to England to collect more and requested that Jean
contact Miss Margaret Carty of Hamilton as she had a beautiful,
colourful garden and many gardening books with which Jean
could research.

 The memorial windows were to Mary Irene Blackwood
1880-1962 and Muriel Curry 1881-1962.

 It wasn't until March of 1967 that Jean was able to present a
design to Lady Pilditch of which she thoroughly concurred
and promptly sent an advance cheque for Jean to start on the panel proper.

 Jean swiftly completed the panels and they were installed in early April. Lady Pilditch made sure that the wife
of the manager of Langi Willi (her family property) was there to provide a hearty lunch for Jean as he was installing the window. The dedication for the windows was on Saturday, April 22, 1967.

 Jean said to Lady Pilditch that he was "deeply impressed with the dedication ceremony, it was the most moving dedication ceremony I ever experienced. I am grateful for everything and most thankful for having met you and I will never forget you."

 Jean, Phine and son John Jr attended the dedication and when they returned to the car to travel home to Hamilton, Jean found on the back seat a white pigskin wallet with the gold lettering of Jean's initials on it and an extra $100 above the price of the windows, "to give you a day or 2 of leisure to restore your mind, your eyes and your soul," as Lady Pilditch wrote in her thank you letter.
"Baptism of Christ"
St Stephen's
 Anglican Church,
Portland, Victoria - 1964
"The Last Supper"
St Stephen's
 Anglican Church,
Portland, Victoria - 1964
"Be of Good Cheer - I Have Overcome The World"
Scots Presbyterian Church,
Portland, Victoria - 1962
"St Peter"
Presbyterian Church,
Portland, Victoria - 1965
National Trust

 Bluestone church established
in 1855 and consecrated in
1868, designed by George
Hawer Hathewson.

 Jean was commissioned in
1974 for 2 stained glass windows in this church.

 Those depicted were the "Baptism of Christ" in loving memory of Frank Andrew Row, and "The Last Supper" in loving memory of Sarah Frances Row.
St Andrew's
Presbyterian Church,
 Skipton, Victoria - 1967
"Designed from a
Painting of Banongill"
Christ Church, Skipton, Victoria - 1962
St Andrew's
Presbyterian Church,
 Skipton, Victoria - 1967
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church,
Marnoo, Victoria - 1966
 Jean was first approached in 1966 to
design a window in the Marnoo Church
by Mr Norman McAllister of "Mernong".

 Mr McAllister requested a window to
commemorate the memory of his beloved
parents John & Louisa McAllister, by their
surviving children Barbara, Ena, Flora,
Katie and Norman.

 Mr McAllister had such faith in Jean's craft
that he left the design completely up to him. Jean settled on a beautiful portrayal of "Christ".

 The church elders approved the design and on April 13, 1966, Mr McAllister wrote Jean to say that everything was ready for him to come and install the window on May 21, 1966.

 "I am looking forward to seeing you and the window with great anticipation. It will be good to see how many more you will get in that church."

 Mr McAllister also commissioned Jean for some private panels which can be viewed on our PRIVATE page.
Christ Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1963
Classified: National Trust

 Brick church designed by
F. M. Moore, started
construction in 1864 with the
addition of porches and vestry
in 1887.

 Jean was approached by Reverend
Canon W. A. Reid to design a memorial
window for Annie Elizabeth Read who died 28 Dec 1961, by her husband,
Mr E. J. L. Read.

 The visual depiction was of "Faith" and it was placed in the church on Michaelmas Day, September 29, 1963 and dedicated by Reverend Canon
W. A. Reid.

 Jean conceived "Faith" as "A spiritual expression of dependence on the part of man to the creator."

 Man is here depicted as "living on earth with two feet planted firmly on the soil, and the band faith signifying the unity of all people in the faith. The symbolic flames cover part of the earth and are varying colours illustrating varying degrees of faith. The staff carrying orb and cross connect heaven and earth."
"The Good Samaritan"
Uniting Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1968
"The Good Shepherd"
Uniting Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1963
"Light Of The World"
Uniting Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1967
"Christ is the Head of this House"
Uniting Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1969
"The Burning Bush"
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1968
"The Good Shepherd"
St Saviours Anglican Church,
Wallaloo, Victoria - 1966
 Jean was first approached
by the Reverend J. P. Bedford
of the vicarage of Rupanyup
on March 24, 1966 concerning
the commissioning of 2
windows at St Saviours, Wallaloo.

 The subjects which were chosen
were “The Good Shepherd” which
was in dedication to John and
Mary Duxson, and “The Light Of The World” in dedication to Charles
Stanley and Emily Reading, by their families.

 Jean sent in a couple of sketches for each window to be approved
by the church authorities. “The Good Shepherd” was accepted
without alteration, however Mr M. A. Reading wrote Jean to say
that “the Bishop will not approve the design you submitted for me.
As the Bishop will be paying our parish a visit on June 25, would it
be possible to have your design then?” We are unaware as to why
the design wasn’t approved but he studiously produced another that
was accepted.

 Jean thought the windows were good examples of his craft. He
thought that “The Good Shepherd window symbolises the love of
Christ towards man, and the Light Of The World symbolises the
fulfilment of our hope.”

 The windows were installed on August 13, 1966 and dedicated
soon after. Jean wrote to Mr Reading, “I wish you many years of
good health in which I hope you can also enjoy the window you
donated to your church.”

 St Saviours was unfortunately dismantled in the early 1970s and
the plight of the windows in the church was unknown. However
after some research, it has been discovered that the windows are in storage in Horsham apparently waiting to be incorporated into a building, possibly the Wimmera Base Hospital. This is all that can be divulged until we know for certain what the future holds for these art works. Many special thanks also to Mrs Lorna McAllister who allowed us to visit on Monday, June 25, 2012 and take a photo of a painting of the dismantled church at Wallaloo.

"The LIght Of
The World"
St Saviours Anglican Church,
Wallaloo, Victoria - 1966
 Jean was first approached by Reverend
Steele about a window for St Paul’s Anglican
Church in Rainbow on May 10, 1972.

 However in the months thereafter, Reverend
Steele took up a new position in Ballarat and
Rainbow was forced to wait for an incumbent,
which arrived in the form of Rector Andrew
Gilbert to Hopetoun, in October of 1972.

 Jean always worked with the best materials
that money could buy and in this case, the glass was genuine antique Mittinger,
imported from Germany. Jean sent in many designs for the window with various
quotations according to the materials used and unfortunately in this case, he had
to reduce his price by nearly $500 because the donors were quite shocked with
the price of his window.

 Jean always said that “church windows can not be cheap, if they are to be good
windows and why should they be cheap anyhow. They should be permanent symbols
to the Glory of God and to commemorate the love of the faithful for centuries to
come. Because people don’t know any better, they’ve become used to mediocrity
and will settle for a window done by a 'bush tradesman'”.

 On February 6, 1972, the donors accepted his sketch and sent it in for approval to
the Bishop of Ballarat. Finally, complete approval was given on May 11 and the
window was ready to be installed on August 18, 1973.

 A dedication service was held in mid November 1973. The donor family expressed
that “the window is truly beautiful and I felt I would like to write and tell you how
very pleased we are with the window.”

St Paul's Anglican Church,
Rainbow, Victoria - 1973
"Christ & Children"
St Andrew's Uniting Church,
Murtoa, Victoria - 1966
 Jean was commissioned in
1966 for a window in St Andrew's
Uniting, Murtoa.

 The window was in dedication
to Charles & Louisa Niewand,
by their children.

 After a dedication service, donor
Mr Niewand wrote "We want you
to know how very pleased we
were with the beautiful window.
The colours were very striking
indeed, and the style of your
writing so easy to read on the window; whole effort most pleasing.

 "The dedication service was very nice. Reverend Renfrey is very good with his arrangements for any special service. We would like to thank you for your interest and the artistic design of your work which will beautify the church for many years to come."
Uniting Church,
St Arnaud, Victoria - 1963
"The Good Shepherd"
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church,
Stockyard Hill, Victoria - 1963
 Jean was commissioned in
1963 for a window in St Andrew's
Presbyterian, Stockyard Hill.

 The window was in dedication
to John & Cecelia Kirkpatrick,
by their children.

 The church has sat desolate since the
last congregation met and a wedding
was held there in 1997. The church
was first sold in 2000. Goldwind, the company charged with building the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm, have been active in providing information regarding the church's future for us as we felt it was imperative not to lose this window.

 We contacted Goldwind before demolition of the church in October 2019 to come and see if we could retrieve the window. With great disappointment we found that 5 of the 6 panels had fallen out of their mountings and smashed on the ground and all that was left was the bottom panel with the feet and dedication. We now have this at home.

 Such a pity to have lost the church and most of the window, but we are pleased to have the glass up with sun shining through it in the mornings as once was it's meaning to its congregation.
Heritage Listed

 The church building
was constructed in
1873 in a Victorian
Gothic Revival style
typical of the influential
English architect,
Charles Hansom,
however this church's
design is attributed to Henry Caselli.

 In 1972, the church sustained severe wind damage which led to Jean being approached to do some windows for the Catholic Church in late February of 1972.

 Jean sent up numerous sketches as requested, of the figures Mother Mary MacKillop, St Francis Xavier, St Therese and St Patrick as well as the Holy Trinity.

 However it wasn't until April 3, 1973 when Jean was given his first payment for the windows by Reverend Father J. Conway, that Jean could finally commence these stunning windows.

 Father Conway visited Jean in his studio during the construction and said he was "looking forward to seeing the windows in the church as I think it will be an added attraction to this Gothic structure and will enhance the building and make it more attractive."

 That they did and the windows were dedicated in October 1973. 
Heritage Listed Location

 The church building was constructed
in 1870-1872 to a design by eminent
Melbourne architect Leonard Terry.

 Jean was commissioned in April of 1972
to formulate a window in memory of
John & Jessie Bennett, two beloved

 The windows depict "St James &
St John" with the inscriptions "I Will
Make You Fishers Of Men" and "Suffer Little Children."

 A dedication service was held late May 1972.

 Mrs Jessie Bennett, who donated the windows in loving memory of her husband, wrote to Jean and said "she would have loved to come to Hamilton to view its execution but circumstances didn't enable the trip." However, she expressed "how beautiful the window is and how much it has been admired."
"I Will Make You Fishers Of Men"
& "Suffer Little Children
To Come Unto Me"
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Stawell, Victoria - 1972
"Mother Mary MacKillop", "St Patrick", "St Francis"
"St Therese" & "The Holy Trinity"
St Patrick's Catholic Church, Stawell, Victoria - 1972